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BATTLEFIELD 1943 PC 4K - What It Would Have Looked Like!
BATTLEFIELD 1943 PC 4K - What It Would Have Looked Like!
Description :Set the quality to 4k and enjoy what 1943 would have looked like on PC before it got canceled in 2009! 1943 was to be released on PC fall 2009 (Couple months after the summer console release), but was canceled due to DICE focusing on the March 2010 release of Bad Company 2. The intro to the BC2 singleplayer showed us what 1943 on PC would have looked/played like. 5 years later setting the graphics to max at 4k resolution still requires plenty of GPU power, but looks incredible. BF:1943 was one on my favorite Battlefield on console and it would have made an amazing PC game. This was recorded using 2 ASUS GTX 780ti's SLI, but soon I will be playing this on a TITAN-X to improve my FPS and Vram Limit at 4k! Played on a ACER 4k G-sync monitor! CHECK OUT GTA 5 ON PC IN 4K HERE- BATTLEFIELD 1943 PC 4K - What It Would Have Looked Like Battlefield 1943 is an online multiplayer World War II first-person shooter video game developed by EA Digital Illusions CE and published by Electronic Arts for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network via digital download only. Unlike Battlefield 1942, this game takes place only in the Pacific Theater of Operations of World War II. A PC version was planned but later cancelled. Like Battlefield: Bad Company, 1943 features the Frostbite Engine for its environmental damage.[6][7] The game only features the series' signature Conquest mode[6] and a new gametype called Air Superiority which was unlocked when the online gaming community reached a combined total of 43 million kills in Conquest. Similar to Battlefield Heroes, 1943 features only three classes - Infantryman, Rifleman, and Scout. Each class has an unlimited supply of ammunition; however, explosive ordnance takes a few seconds to replenish. The game also features a regenerating health system. There are four types of vehicles in the game; fighter, tank, jeep and landing craft. Each team's base has two one-man fighter aircraft with A6M Zeros for the Imperial Navy and F4U Corsairs for the United States Marine Corps. Typically there is an airfield for either team to capture where a third plane can be used to a team's advantage. Each airplane has four machine guns and can also drop bombs. Tanks can accommodate two players, a driver who can use a tank cannon and a coaxial machine gun, and a passenger who can use a mounted machine gun. Jeeps can accommodate up to three players: a driver who cannot fire, a gunner in the back who operates a machine gun, and a passenger who can fire their own gun. Landing craft (boats) are used to deliver troops from the carriers to the beaches. Players can also use air raid bunkers to attack with three bomber aircraft to clear an area of a map. To operate these, the player must enter a bunker with a large spinning dish on top. Planes can be shot down by fighter pilots and anti-aircraft guns, reducing the amount of bombs that the air raid can deliver.
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