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YOU NAKED, GIRL! (Tom Cat Loves Talking Angela)
YOU NAKED, GIRL! (Tom Cat Loves Talking Angela)

Description :South Park: TSOT ► New Walking Dead! ► Prev Talking Angela ► What Should I Play Next? Tom Cat Loves Talking Angela with TobyGames! POSTERS ► Tobuscus Shirts US - Shirts EU - Tobuscus Channel ► Daily Vlogs - Facebook ► Twitter - Instagram - iTunes - Here are some of my favorite Let's Plays :) Check em out! Happy Wheels: Minecraft: Slender: Amnesia: Terraria: Limbo: TobyGames Highlights: I felt like talking to Talking Angela today again because apparently I love hitting on talking cats as talking cats. I also point out that she's a naked cat girl in a house with a child, whichi is weird. But it's okay because I guess Tom cat is also naked, so I guess everyone in their world is naked -- which is okay because they are very fluffy. One of the top iOS games in the world, as her boyfriend Tom, or "Talking Tom", I say some pretty ridiculous stuff. Tom is kind of a player... when he's played by me. I spent some more time, as an adult, having way too much fun playing with this ridiculous app. iPhone games like this are usually pretty cheesy, and poorly made, and this is pretty well made, and while still being cheesy, I had an amazing time with this. Highly recommended if you love hitting on imaginary cats as often as I apparently do. Outro Music "Gimme That" by DJ Alex S. Get it on iTunes! Toby sucks at gaming © 2014 Tobuscus Inc.
Duration : 6m 7s
Uploader : TobyGames
Added On: : 2014 07
Views : 6476741
Likes : 36035
Dislikes: : 3294

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