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Clash of Clans New Troop ''The Goblin Wagon'' (CONCEPT/IDEA)
Clash of Clans New Troop ''The Goblin Wagon'' (CONCEPT/IDEA)
Description :Please watch: "Trading in Clash of Clans With Gameplay (UPDATE CONCEPT) " --~-- NOTE ALL GRAMMAR/SPELLING ERRORS ARE SUPPOSE TO BE THERE! Hello whoever is reading this welcome to my description! here you'll find the background music to this video but not this time sorry it's from the game files so its a bit hard to put them here sorry :( NOTE! that this is a concept it says that in the title so it's not a leak or anything like that so don't belive the youtubers who says that it is coming or is leaked gameplay! because that's not the truth and it kinda annoyos me since 1st most of them dont ask for my permission and some of them do 2nd some dont give me the credit for my work!!! Anyways if your new around here you can press that subscribe button! Subscribe: Background music: clash of clans gamefiles
Duration : 1m 27s
Uploader : Vov Vovson
Added On: : 2017 30
Views : 41264
Likes : 736
Dislikes: : 132

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